Living life with Prostate Cancer

That’s an attention grabber headline isn’t it?

I decided to change this page because it had a lot anger in it. Rightfully so because I’m in two online support groups and people are scared to death when they get diagnosed, and I had to rant about how some of them might fall for some of the scams that are pretty damn dangerous. It breaks my heart thinking those guys would try the alternative treatment thinking it’s going to actually work, so I had to voice my opinions on them.

It then occurred to me I could do this in a way that is more productive in my posts with one word.


Even though I had no fear when I was diagnosed with stage four Prostate Cancer, I was still bad off. I was in such sever pain I could have gone insane if I had no pain killers. When I was waiting for them to kick in, it was 90 minutes of the most miserable pain I’ve ever had in my entire life. It was borderline torture because the cancer moved into my bones. After my treatment that I explain about in this post, I was on the road to recovery. Many amazing things happened.

1) My PSA went from 2450 to 35 from my last test in July.

2) Since I had a blood clot the previous year, the blood Doctor was concerned I was going to have them return because of the cancer. After getting scanned, with as big as my cancer is, no blood clots. Hell yeah!

3) My high fat ketogenic diet is helping me out a lot. Two of the big problems of hormone therapy I have is anxiety and depression from having no testosterone. The saturated fat I consume raises serotonin levels and makes me feel like a million bucks.

4) After my treatment was over, I had bad but manageable pain between my knees and my ankles. I just saw it as a machine having no lubrication since I have no testosterone. About a month later, I noticed my legs were feeling better. There is no way I can run marathons. Not like I could anyway when at my leanest, I was 190lbs. Not a good size for running haha. The pain was gone. Saturated fat does make the absorption of calcium efficient, so I think that is how the pain went away.

Am I blessed?

I do have a relationship with God, but I don’t to say I am blessed. It’s embarrassing. I’m just lucky. If I say I am blessed, does that mean the people who have more aggressive cancer aren’t loved as much?

Where do I go from here?

From time to time I might still rant about the snake oil Doctors, but I want to show how you can still live a good long life. You’ll see my adventures. You’ll see my weight loss and how I’m getting healthier. You will see how I am kicking this cancer in the teeth. It doesn’t know who it’s messing with.

It doesn’t matter what happens next in my life. I have overcome many things in my life. I have beat the worst, and I will beat it again.

This thing doesn’t own me. I own it. It’s not taking me, I am taking it with me when it’s my time. No matter what happens, I’ve already won.

I’m even going to go so far to say I’m going to kill this poison in my body. I know this supposed to stay in my body for life and I can accept that. Ergo, it’s not curable.

That’s great.

That that means I’m going to be the first one to do it. 🙂


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