Burnout and the 30 day no soda challenge

Or honestly 11 days into it after recovering from my burnout.

February I gave myself burnout big time. I was working some massive overtime because of Chinese new year. Who’d of thought you could get burnout working online? Not this guy.

All I was doing was sitting in my condo doing reports and sometimes not even going outside. I wanted to do this for many reasons like save money and stuff like that. I just wasn’t living life though. The stress was even affecting my weight loss, or lack there of too. Burnout sucks. I was even putting a load of pressure on myself for weight loss even though I was too wiped to exercise.

Well I am focused again and one of the things I decided to do was do a 30 day no diet soda challenge. I’ve been drinking a lot of it and it had it had to be one of the things holding me back since it does release insulin. I also stopped having a free day when I would have a date night with my girlfriend. I just keep it to a meal. Thailand is a big food haring culture and even though she is supportive of my diet, I like to make her happy and eat things with her. I just fast for most of the day and when I eat a meal with her, everything is fine.

I will admit, I did have a moment of weakness and had a few beers. It’s not soda though so I didn’t fail the challenge…. unless I said beer counts too in the video. It was a moment of stress that, again, put me back up to square one…. again.

I’m going to be 43 in July and I’m still thinking like a guy in his 20’s. I’m going to be playing around with fasting for short periods of time until the end of the month to get over this plateau. I’ll be sure to report it. I’m going to focus on weight loss reports once a month instead of once a week for both my youtube channel and here on my blog.

Also on a final note, I have to remind myself why I am doing this. I got cancer from being obese. The weight won’t come off in a speedy fashion, but it will come off. I haven’t even begun to live yet and truly enjoy life. I’ve lost a lot of time over many years from hardships. Now that I am at the door of personal growth in business, I don’t care if this is stage four prostate cancer, I’m not going to let it hold me back. Thirteen years ago my brother died and it devastated mom and dad. I’ll be damned if they lose another kid.

Here is the final reminder of why I am doing this.

It’s been almost four months since I first started dating this woman. When I had to break it to her I had Stage Four Prostate Cancer, after the first date no less, she understandably took it hard. It was two weeks of some massive fighting. If finally ended when she asked me, “I guess we really like each other huh?” She decided to take a chance on me when he could have said no. We’ve gotten so close over the past few months, she and I couldn’t be happier together. This is going to last a long time. She knows the battles I might be facing be it months or years down the road and will stand by me through it just like I would stand with her through any of her personal struggles.

No matter what happens, no matter how much things suck, no matter how weak I get, I’m always going to look at this picture and remember what I am fighting for.

I know it’s been four months but I have to say I’m the luckiest man in the world. Her? Eh……. she could have done better. hahaha

Thanks for reading this guys. I love all of you very much.

Karawacimatt signing off CYA!

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