DaDa ABC, what do I think about it?

Two words: Love it!

I started working for DaDa ABC three months ago after I got tired of being burned out of stuff like raises from 51 talk. I love the fact that DaDa ABC sets you up with your own regular students. That was the big struggle I had with 51 students. The students could book you and cancel on a whim. At least if you have a free period because the student cancelled ahead of time, you get, at least, half pay. Even then they’ll try and set you up with a stand in class or a trial to help you get full pay for that 30 minutes.

It’s not a perfect job though. DaDa ABC does have its issues here and there. Some of the lesson plans were not very good but they are improving them by getting a contract with National Geographic and a big company called Pierson to write new lesson plans. I can’t wait for that. One thing I don’t think will be improved upon though is there is a two minute break between classes. TWO MINUTES. It’s not that big of a deal because if I need to use the toilet I log in early, say hello to my student and tell them I need to use the bathroom. They usually laugh, say okay, and you’re off. Problem solved.

Here are some videos from my youtube channel about DaDa ABC.

  1. Tips on how to ace the interview.

2) DaDa ABC pros and cons.

3) The benefits of having regular students with DaDa ABC.

4) Want to ace the demo lesson and get hired on to DaDa ABC?

The overall impression with the company is I honestly couldn’t be happier. The communication with the company is great. If there is a problem I can report it and people help me solve the problem. Honestly the two minute breaks suck but like I said, there are ways around that. Best of all, my kids are rad as hell! The kids are definitely the most important part for sure and if my kids leave to go on to something else, I’d probably cry because I would miss them.

After watching the videos and reading my words of wisdom, do you even need to figure out whether or not DaDa ABC is a good company to work for?

Go ahead, and click on my referral link to sign up and get your interview.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you scored a job and if the videos were helpful too. I would love to hear from you.

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