Dismantling the Ketogenic diet for cancer with MAGIC potions and POOP?

One of the first things I want to rant about in the “actual honest information about cancer” section of my blog is an article on a website called chris beat cancer. It’s called, “Dr. Gonzalez dismantles the Ketogenic Diet.” My short response to this is, “No he didn’t.” I’m not going to be arguing that it is a good diet to cure cancer, I’m going to be attacking Dr. Gonzalez’s argument, or as you’ll see soon, the lack there of.

Chris posted an article written by Dr. Gonzalez who was an alternative medicine type guy that passed away back in 2015. Chris posted it was after he decided he couldn’t support a Ketogenic diet to cure cancer since he used to have information on it on his website. I guess he thought this article would be able to explain why he made that decision. Ordinarily I would support a dude like Dr. Gonzalez because he tailored peoples nutrition for cancer recovery and healing based on their personal needs. This makes perfect sense since I do that for myself since nutrition, just like cancer, is not an exact science.

Then after seeing Dr. Gonzalez’s dumb ass methods and after I began reading his article, I saw he is another “stupid or liar” person that I mention on my “actual honest cancer information,” page.

Here are two problems I have with his methods right off the bat which makes me question his credibility.

1) He was heavily into coffee enemas for detoxing. There are a few problems with this. The only real MIRACLE DETOXIFIER is the liver. Most of us don’t drink enough water. When we’re dehydrated, the liver takes over the water processing that the kidneys do. If we drink enough water per day (I usually try to go between one and two gallons), then the kidneys go back to doing their job and the liver goes back to what it supposed to do, detoxify the body. You’re not detoxed the next day but if you hydrate yourself enough, and give your liver time, it can do its job.

The other problem that I have with coffee enemas, other than the fact that it’s a fucking coffee enema is what it actually does. When you drink coffee, what do you eventually do? You poop. That’s it. When someone gets a coffee enema, and the caffeine gets absorbed into the blood stream, the same thing happens just like when you drink coffee and your body processes caffeine. You poop. No miracle detox here.

Again, with the good Doctor I have to ask, stupid or liar?
2) Supplements: Patients would take up to 150 pills a day to counteract the nutrients lost from the so-called detoxification. That is FUCKING FRIGHTENING and DANGEROUS. Even during the 90’s when I was heavily into taking supplements for health and weight lifting before realizing the only ones worth while were Creatine and protein powder, I would never have taken 150 FUCKING PILLS. That is going from one poison to another poison of saturating yourself with vitamins. I’m sure you would be okay with water soluble vitamins since you would pee them out, but if he also gave them fat soluble, that is asking for trouble. It doesn’t matter if it’s compensating for the enemas and laxatives he would give patients. It’s also massive torture on the bowls and kidneys because you’re not exactly using the toilet twice a day. Don’t forget the damage that this would do to your heart and liver too. We didn’t need those anyway.


I’m sure he has cured some people, but with him not being able to produce conclusive results that his methods are 100% effective (although I will acknowledge Chris’ point that it’s the people that survive that count to him) as noted on this site where actual scientists studied his methods, I would hardly consider him an authority figure to properly ascertain the effectiveness of a Ketogenic diet with cancer. Doctors analyze his methods here, and it’s not good. .

Before I FINALLY begin, I want to make it perfectly clear. I have NO PROBLEMS with Chris. He’s not stupid or a liar. From the few things I’ve read on his website and seeing a video from him, he seems like a genuine nice guy. I have to admire him for sticking with his conscious that he can’t promote something that he doesn’t think is good. His only mistake is his source sucks.

He makes a common mistake most people make when they want to site a source to make their point. He sites a source with whom he agrees with. It’s like people who constantly tell me how I’m wrong for my conservative ideas by posting an article from Occupy Democrats on my Facebook wall. The same goes with conservatives saying the democrats are evil by posting something from conservative websites.

Some research 101 for you guys. If you want to prove an argument, you DON’T use someone who agrees with you as a source. You either want to use a neutral source or the strongest way to make your argument is to use the persons point against them the way Dr. Gonzalez does.

Wait…… does he?

With all that said on to the article.

Dr. Gonzalez starts off the article talking about a miracle drug and certain procedures that were supposed to cure cancer, but ended up being duds back when he was in medical school.

At number two I’m not sure if it’s a page of the article or what, just scroll down and you’ll see it. You will see him talking about a book published from Dr. Seyfried called, “Cancer as a metabolic disease,” which supposed to push a high fat/no carb diet as cancer treatment and prevention. 

One thing Dr. Gonzalez said made me laugh, “Dr. Seyfried, whom I do not personally know, is hardly an “alternative” medical scientist, since judging by his credentials listed on the back cover of the book his pedigree seems conventionally academic:

THOMAS N. SEYFRIED, PHD, has taught and conducted research in the fields of Neurogenetics, Neurochemistry, and cancer for more than twenty-five years at Yale University and Boston College. He has published more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters …”

My first thought is the question, “Soooooo….. you’re saying he’s qualified in his practice?” Sorry I have to get a little jab in there.

He then proceeds to talk about Dr. Seyfried’s theory of why people get cancer, how he continued the studies of Dr. Otto Warburg, and proceeded to explain the science of Ketogenics and how fat is utilized for fuel instead of glycogen (carbs).

Page 3

He starts to explain the research of the Inuit diet, how they are disease free with virtually most of their calories coming from saturated fat. A Doctor back in the 1920’s Dr. Blake Donaldson was prescribing a Ketogenic diet to help people who have health problems.

He also discusses how he knew Dr. Atkins and blah blah blah yakity schmackity.

Before you guys start getting pissed off at me, for going on any farther, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Where is the take down?” That is what I was asking too. As a matter of fact, I was starting to get frustrated reading this wondering when the EPIC TAKE DOWN was going to happen.

He goes on to talk about how Dr. Kelley and him curing people with cancer with high carbs fruit and plant based diets and if Dr. Seyfried was right, the people that were treated would be dead.

Okay…. and….?

And NOTHING. There is no AND. There is no fucking argument in this article…. AT ALL. He just says, “Our method works, and his method doesn’t.” That’s it. He doesn’t go into explanation saying why a Ketogenic diet doesn’t work to battle cancer. I mean come on, throw me a bone, or a case study DAMN IT. He mentioned plenty of times that the Ketogenic diet doesn’t assist in cancer healing but doesn’t say why. Like when he would say cancer patent John Doe was treated by a Ketogenic diet and didn’t show any progress. Well why didn’t he? He just didn’t? Well that doesn’t cover it.


What was the patient given? What type of animal meat? Was it processed or grass fed? What was the split for the mono/poly/ and saturated fat? What was the percentage of fat? Were they fed all meat, or were there vegetables too? What about their antioxidant intake?

Oh that’s a funny word. Antioxidants. Did you see Doctor Gonzalez talk about his opinion on antioxidants? NEITHER DID I!!!


I’m a fucking history major and these are science questions I ask when I see articles like this. I know I am not a scientist but I don’t need a seven year degree to say something is bullshit when I read it, and this article is bullshit.

All I read was him talking about the effectiveness of his prescription of a high carb diet to people. Did he even take into account that maybe the super saturation of antioxidants were the reason why his patients got better was the answer? Did he even know what an anti-oxidant is?

I’m sure he (theoretically) has another scientifically based paper that explains why the diet doesn’t work for cancer, but if it’s anything like this article, it’s going to be another 10-20-30 minutes of my life I’m never going to get back from reading alternative medicine diarrhea.

In conclusion, as a reminder, I’m not arguing the effectiveness of the Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment, or saying it’s better than a plant based diet with ANTIOXIDANTS. I’m saying the argument is crap because there is no argument, no dismantling, nothing is disproven.

In Chris’ meta description this is how he describes the article, “Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez discusses the long history and failure of the Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment. His expertise and perspective is unmatched.

Is it really?


If you guys want to read an article that’s not going to make you mad, here is an article by an Oncologist Dr. Gorski. Unlike Dr. Gonzalez, he actually attacks the argument and doesn’t just say, it’s “wrong because I am right.” Oh by the way, he does address Dr. Gonzalez as a doctor with bad methods along with a few others too. I challenge Chris to put up this article if he wants a really good article that explains why the effectiveness of the Ketogenic diet is inconclusive. If he doesn’t do it because it would affect relationships he has with people, I won’t hate on him for it.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. 

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