Five ways to balance your day job at a Thai school and online teaching

Man I am tired from online teaching and my Thai school job.

Many of you know that not only do I teach online with DaDa, but I also teach during the day too. One time someone asked if I would quit my day teaching job to work at night.  My answer was 100% HELL NO.

Semester one is over and the extra money teaching online at was so nice. I got to pay some big bills and had money left over for fun. I also felt like a dude paying for a date without needing to worry about the cost.


Speaking of that word, there was a cost of having two jobs.


I will admit one of the problems was structuring my time. My company had a little trouble getting people into my school. Usually schools in Bangkok are easy to get teachers. This school is about 8km outside of Bangkok and I live in the far south west part.

One of the English teachers I worked with had to leave before final exams too. We did get someone in to cover the rest of the semester thank God. I was mentally and physically tired. If I had to cover her classes I would have been in tears from exhaustion when semester one finished. Here was my daily schedule. Wake up at 5am so I could get to school at 7:30am. Leave work at 4pm because we can’t leave one minute earlier. Come home and do classes from 5pm-8pm. On the weekend I did almost 12 hours of personal stuff. I haven’t done that kind of load for 20 years. Damn I’m getting old.

Do I still support working at night online and during the day at a Thai school? Absolutely. There are just some survival tips I would HIGHLY recommend.

Live closer to your school

My last school was a kilometer away. I wouldn’t be this tired if I had the same work schedule there.

At this school I get up at 5am (Scroll down to see why.) to get to school at time. When I lived close to my school, it was the greatest thing in the world. I didn’t wake up with an alarm because the sunrise woke me. I’m fine if I wake up just after 6am.

Living close makes it less of a strain to get home before online classes start. You can get home with lots of time to take a nap, shower, unwind, or even eat something. I always have to rush home and sometimes I got home 10 minutes before my first class.

Get a good night sleep every night.

Find a school who isn’t wacko about you clocking in and clocking out at certain times.

Now please don’t misunderstand, the school I am working, although does have it’s issues, is still GREAT. The teachers are cool. They don’t micro manage and tell you how to teach in your classroom (I have Thai co-Teachers). This school has the most well-behaved kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching. I still have knuckle head classes. If they got to noisy, they were respectful enough to settle down and shut up. Only one class is tough to control compared to almost half at my last school. 1/20 crazy vs. 8/20 crazy is fantastic.

One of the main things they are wacko about though is clocking in and clocking out. I had to fill out a form explaining why I forgot to clock out at the end of the day. Did I mention I did this twice? Another form I had to fill out is where I accidentally clocked out at 3:59pm instead of 4:00pm. These forms went to the Director (The Principal). He is super nice and laid back so I have to wonder if he even reads the “apology letters.”

Paperwork is VERY IMPORTANT in Thailand haha

God forbid if you’re late. They are cool if you do it for the first few times and ask what’s going on. If it turns into a problem you are fined even if you are one minute late. That is seriously not cool. If I was in a condo close to the school, it wouldn’t be a problem. I want to stay close to my hospital where I go for my cancer monitoring. If you don’t know I have Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. 

My last school was completely cool with not checking in and checking out to the second. We never checked in electronically with our fingerprints. I came and left like I was supposed to. If it looked like it was going to rain, NOBODY CARED if we went home 30 minutes early.

Be careful with the extra online hours. They are longer than you think.

Teaching on a computer for fifteen hours a week doesn’t sound like much but oh boy, yes it is. It is mentally exhausting. Some psycho’s with DaDa nearly all day on the weekends with 3 three hour shifts. I tried that before and man I can’t do it.

Starting October, I’m cutting down to four days a week with the online school DaDa. I will do conversational English on Friday’s and the weekends for fun.

This one is optional: Make your own food.

If you’re here in Thailand and you’d like some of the stuff I mention here, you can go to and use the coupon code BURNOUT to get 10% off of your first order. These guys were pretty cool and were happy to hook my readers up with something. I get nothing from them but the satisfaction knowing I hooked you guys up with something good.

I know many people find it easier just to buy street food. That’s not something I can do. I will consume a LOT OF FOOD because I am a walking garbage disposal. I hardly had time for making my own food so I bought it and didn’t pay attention to the calories.

What I’m doing is making food that I can track so I am not over eating. It’s food that is quick and easy to make. I need to remember to eat for fuel, not for fun to keep my energy levels high. Leave the fun for either the weekend or special fun times.

Here is a list of what I am taking for nutrition and where you can find them if you’re interested.

a) Chlorella – It’s an algae I put in and mix with my water. I don’t like using the term, “Super food” because that is a marketing ploy to get idiots to buy it. It is super saturated with vegetable nutrition though. Read more about it here.

Inspired by furious Pete the road to 200 lbss

Click here to order it worldwide with free shipping from orders more than $60. I kid you not, this size jug lasts me for a year.

b) Chia seeds – It’s also something super saturated with nutrition.

Yes Chia seeds make this guy here.


It is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and 1/3 of your daily needs for manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. I just pour them in my water the night before and they absorb water like a sponge.

You can easily find them locally at any grocery store here in Thailand or wherever you are. If you like to buy in bulk and not need to worry about things for months like me, you can get a two pound container of it if you click on the picture or click here on amazon to 2 pounds of it cheap.

c) Egg yolks – I dump the whites because even though people like them I think their nutritional value is useless. I dump them in the woods outside of my condo by the river. Let nature eat that and the shells. You can get more nutrition from eating an ounce of peanuts or almonds than the stupid egg whites.

d) Bacon – I get the hormone free stuff around here. It’s a good source of fat. Plus…… it’s BACON!

e) Coconut oil / MCT Oil – Coconut oil is a super healthy saturated fat. If you get specific MCT oil, it gets digested immediately as energy. I never noticed the hit of energy and I am not sure why. Normally I need to find something that gives me a kick so that could be the reason. If MCT oil is hard to find, regular coconut oil will work too. Sometimes I’ll put it right in Tea, other times I might just take a swig of it.

If you’re outside of America click on this picture to go to They ship worldwide.

If you’re more interested in ordering from Amazon click here.

*runner up*

Grass Fed Butter – It’s hormone free and I can get it easily here in Thailand. It’s from New Zealand and it’s federal law to make their meat all grass fed and hormone free.

Ghee – It’s another type of butter that’s recommended for Bullet Proof Coffee. I’ve tried it out and it’s “okay” at best with its flavor. I mix it in with my tea since I hate coffee.

If you noticed it’s a keto-style diet. I want to keep my sugar to almost nothing and keep my fats high to keeping my cravings low.

I ate this way a few months ago and did great but I need to get back on the wagon.  Hopefully it will keep my energy going for working during the day.

Tell me what do you do to keep your energy up if you have a second stream as a Teacher. I would love to hear it.

KarawaciMatt, signing off SEE YA!

  • As a degree holder in nutrition, the nutritional information you have about your “keto-style” diets is dead wrong. You’re pumping more saturated fats into your body than what you are aware of which is causing, unknowingly to you, a lot of cholesterol buildup in your arteries among other things. I highly recommend speaking to a dietitian about a more plant based diet, especially since you are a cancer patient that would be not only beneficial for your health and cancer treatments, but also your energy levels.

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