Four months post treatment check-in and back in the classroom things

Back in the saddle again

Around the middle of August I finally got back in to the classroom where I belong to teach after my Prostate Cancer treatment. If you didn’t know about me getting diagnosed with stage four Prostate Cancer, how dare you? Read about it here. 🙂 I would have been back in sooner but my dumb ass took a tumble outside of a mall. I didn’t notice one of those flood drains and 95% of my foot was hanging in the air when I twisted it. Damn it hurt and it was the worst sprain I had in my life. There was some good news and bad news about it though.

1) Good news: Like I said, nothing torn or anything like that. It also would feel better and loosen up more the more I would walk on it. I guess Coach’s advice worked after all.

2) Bad news: It was on the middle part of my foot where I could not do anything about it. If I sprain an ankle, just wrap it and I’ll be fine. Sprain a foot, and you have to deal with that until it finally goes away. It took three months when I sprained my hand about 10 years ago and I was right about my foot taking about three months to get better.


Back in the classroom

Unfortunately I wasn’t in Bangkok but I went just out of town to a place called Samut Songkram. My company was okay with teachers in Bangkok but needed to fill a hole for a teacher in that school.

When I walked into the classroom, man it felt like home. I didn’t miss a beat. I got them speaking. I got them laughing, and busted their chops if they acted up.

Even though it was outside of Bangkok, about a 60-90 minute bus ride, and the “cover” pay was great, better than normal pay, man it was rough. The roughest part about it was the food. I know Thai food is great, but it was carb crazy with everything being fried and with rice. In a previous blog I mentioned I need to get a diet high in fat or else my hormones will be out of wack if I don’t have the right nutrients. It was like that a few times where I was having crazy anxiety and depression. I can mange my hormones so I don’t go all wack-a-do, but it’s a lot easier if I am at home and not out of town.

No more massive tests or treatments for a LONG TIME!

This goes into the “hell yeah” category.

I had one final test to see if I needed ANOTHER surgery to go into my lower bowls to clip some more polyps. I got a cat scan ($900 out of pocket) and it came back NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!

I’m always going to be grateful for all the treatments and the help I got from the hospital. Even though my cancer wasn’t terminal or aggressive, I was pretty bad off and they pretty much saved my life. At the same time they would agree I just want to be left alone haha.

The cost of the CAT scan did cut my savings in half but honestly I don’t care. Time is more valuable than money. I’m happy to pay that price just to find out I can live my life again for a very long time.


It is a great way to end a year that started off like shit.

I feel pretty damn good and am thankful for it.

Until next time guys! Karawaci Matt signing off SEE-YA!

Should I be drinking this at a Hospital?



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