I can’t actively support and recommend 51 talk anymore. I am with an new company.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. When I explain why in my next post, you will understand. For now I can’t, in good conscious, recommend people to work for 51 talk anymore.

Why? I had so many posts talking about how great it was to work for them.

I don’t know if I will make a blog about that. I could handle the constant backlash about people whining and crying about, “Why do they only want people with an American accent? Waaaaaaa! It’s not right!!! Boo-hoo!!! Waaaaaaaa!!!!!” Pssst….. it’s a called a “Business Model.” Plus it’s probably in their marketing for new students too.

Here is the short story. There were two times their platform had technical problems that caused me to be late and miss a class. They ended up pointing the finger at me instead of accepting I could have been late because of technical problems with their platform. It also cost me the ability to get a well earned raise too.

Not cool man. I wanted to sing their praises too.

It was fun while it lasted but I’m off to another company that I will tell you about, and feel good about recommending.

More to come on that because I something pretty important I have to blog about in my next post.

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