Inspired by Furious Pete: The Road to 200 lbs with Ketosis.

Inspired by Furious Pete: Welcome to The Road to 200 lbs with Ketosis.

The road to 200 lbs with Ketosis is a passion project of mine that I have been wanting to do for the past month. Like I say in the title it is inspired by a fellow fighter of cancer Furious Pete. He had a great series called The Road to 700 lbs. Here is the video where he finally hit that goal. I have to admit I cried along with him when he hit it because I was thrilled he achieved that goal.

I have a few reasons for wanting to do this.

  1. Obviously my health: I used to be in the 320’s, that was really bad. Being up around that weight for so long is probably why I got prostate cancer. I am actually obsessed with getting back down to my high school weight now (hint: 200 lbs). My PSA between July and December dropped 13 points. Logically one might assume is from a 30 pound weight loss I had between those times. If my numbers go down that much from 30 lbs, what happens to those numbers between 70-75 lbs? I am in the 270’s right now and have been for about 2 months.
  2. Inspiration: I am a trauma survivor… of several traumas….. Maybe I am a dumb ass? I have always wanted to show people that anything is possible. I have had horrible experiences like loosing $120,000 worth of savings trying to start a business and failing. I lost a lot of money and time in my life but I have not lost the education. I want to show people no matter what happens, the can still make it and still be successful.

What is my Ketosis nutrition plan?

Honestly I am not telling you. It will be animal products but I am not going to show what I am eating. Why am I doing this? As I have said in a previous post, everything but diet and water will give you cancer. I just don’t want to get into arguments with people who think nutrition is a  one-size-fits-all with science when it is not. I will show everyone my macros though, as in my proteins, fats and carbs.

What are the diet parameters?

  1. No soda: Now I am not stupid. I haven’t had regular soda for a while. The diet soda on the other hand is a hard vice to quit. I am sticking with water and tea because, I am probably wrong with this, but diet soda mimics an insulin surge and I don’t want that to interfere with the supplements I am using.
  2. I’m going to reduce my cheat day to a cheat meal: Saturday night is always the date night for my girl and I. I used to just use the entire day for cheating, and sometimes the cheating lasts for another day or two. I am just keeping it simple with one meal.
  3. I am not going to get details into what I specifically eat: The reason why is because I don’t want armchair nutritionists telling me what I am doing wrong, especially since I have cancer. I’ve already explained in a different post why a plant based diet won’t work for me. I just plant on showing you a macro break down. What works for me might not work for you. Nutrition, like cancer, isn’t a one-size-fits-all science.
  4. I will share with you the supplements that I am using though this challenge. I’m going to be talking about fats, Chlorella, and a supplement that puts me into Ketosis within an hour called Kegenix Prime.

Inspired by furious Pete the road to 200 lbssbest ketogenic supplement

How about them stats?

At the beginning: 1/15/18

Weight: 281.5 lbs
Waist size: 48.25 inches.

Road to 200 lbs inspired by Furious Pete Road to 200 lbs inspired by Furious Pete

Road to 200 lbs inspired by Furious Pete Road to 200 lbs inspired by Furious Pete

Feel free to watch the video too. I pretty much talk about the same thing. Whichever is easier. 🙂

If you have any questions that you want me to answer let me know in the comments below.

Week 1: 1/21/18
Week 1: 269.62lbs
Waist size: 48 inches

Update after week 1: The food poisoning diet, get on that train baby!

Week 2: 1/28/18

Weight: 275.5lbs Waist size: I forgot to measure it

I’m out of here. Wish me luck. Karawaci Matt, signing off SEE-YA!

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