The Road to 200 lbs Month two. Life happens and lessons learned

How am I doing so far?

Not so good but it’s not that big of a deal.

In five weeks I had food poisoning twice and a few days where I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong so far.

1) Food poisoning: I had it two times. After I finally recovered I needed to refuel my body. I ate salty food and had some carbs too to refuel my body. Yeah I know I am on a Keto diet, but I thought the recovery would be quicker. Next time, and with my track record that would be in three weeks haha, I’m only going to add more salt than usual on my food to get my electrolights back up.

2) The progress: I kept getting down to 271 lb only to go back up again for the past month. What I am going to do is just drop the cheat day down to a cheat meal. I don’t have the metabolism of a 25 year old anymore. I used to be able to recover from a cheat day down to a cheat meal. That can hopefully get my into the 260’s by the end of February.

2/17/2018 : 274.5 lb

That’s it guys, it’s a short one this time. Karawaci Matt signing off see-ya!