Sulforaphane review: Why it’s better than Vitamin B17


This is the second part of a two part blog dealing with good and bad alternative cancer treatments.

A few months ago I was really bummed when my PSA went up. The doc said I might have “castrate resistant prostate cancer.” My first treatment had a shelf life of two years before my PSA would go up. This happened 10 months after my initial diagnosis. I am here in Thailand so since it’s not a normal cancer here, my treatments might eventually run out. With that kind of news someone would obviously look at different avenues for cancer treatment. Some are extremely dangerous. I wrote a blog post about one of those bad alternatives called Vitamin B17.

I was having a discussion in the Prostate Cancer support groups about this problem and someone told me about Sulforaphane, an extract found on Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts that can help with all different kinds of cancer. He said he just started taking it. I figured it could not hurt to check it out.

Wow, I was amazed. It had some nice potential anti-carcinogenic properties. There were two kick ass benefits I noticed from it already
1) You’re not in danger of dying because nothing in this is poisonous.
2) Unlike
Vitamin B17, there are actual studies that show it’s promising compared to the anecdotal evidence and zero case studies with Vitamin B17.

A d-u-m dumb argument for Vitamin B17.

Oh, speaking of that one of the biggest arguments lies people tell about the glories of Vitamin B17 is the FDA and BIG PHARMA are suppressing the sale because you can’t patent food and make money from it.

Sulforaphane comes from Broccoli and even more in Broccoli Sprouts. Sooooooooooooooo……………. When are the FDA and big pharma going to stop the sale of Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts? The actual patent is in the extracting of the Sulforaphane, but still…………. BIG PHARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Bush didn’t like Broccoli so maybe this will be a part of his master New World Order plan to kill us all.

Give me a break guys.

Here is the simple explanation of how Sulforaphane can help prevent and even fight cancer.

Studies have shown Sulforaphane has been demonstrated to kill breast cancer cells, oral squamous cell carcinoma cells, colorectal cancer cells, cervical, liver, prostate, and leukemia cancer cells, while having little to no effect on healthy cells.

It combats cancer in multiple ways:

  • Sulforaphane reduces inflammation by inhibiting the NF-κB pathway click here for more information on NF-kB.
  • Sulforaphane induces cancer cell death called, “apoptosis”. Apoptosis is essentially cells committing suicide. 
  • SFN inhibits Phase I enzymes that enable cancer cell growth.
  • SFN induces Phase II enzymes that clear DNA damaging chemicals.
  • Sulforaphane thereby inhibits cancer cell reproduction.

One of the neatest things about Sulforaphane is it inhibits the growth of the PSA. One study showed that with 60mg of this stuff a day, it slowed the PSA growth rate by 86%. WOW. For some people, you cannot put a price tag on the time that buys us.

You can easily get Sulforaphane from Broccoli sprouts, but I prefer the concentrate you can get in pill form. It’s easy and quicker to take too. If you want to buy it in pill form you should get one that has Myrosinase in it. It activates the Sulforaphane to make it do its magic. It’s also in Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts. Some companies sell Sulforaphane on it’s own and it’s no good that way.

The pill form I take is from a company called Jarrow formulas. I’ve bought some of their stuff for a few years now and they have good quality products. I’ve taken it since April and it lowered my PSA 18 points. My updated PSA is on the left in this picture.

Much better than anecdotal evidence isn’t it?

Will it keep lowering? I don’t know, but much better than taking cyanide isn’t it?

There is that word again, product….

Now this is where I feel like I am in a dilemma. I have wanted to make this blog profitable for some time. I made two blog posts trashing people trashing people who sold a poison to desperate people who want to extend their life. Now I would be offering something great, and I any different from them? 

Nope. I’m not telling someone to take something that’s killing people, and it’s backed by actual scientific studies too. I’ll even show you what I am using and give you the option to try it. It’s on a website called It will save time on the research.

The stuff I use is called BroccoMax from a company called Jarrow Formulas. I’ve bought their stuff before and the company is awesome.

The link goes directly toward the checkout but if you want to buy more, the coupon should apply at checkout. If not my code is LFV173. I do get a 5% purchase credit of what you buy from their reward program. They ship for free when you buy more than $60 worth of stuff over here in Thailand. This wesbite is awesome and they have done a good job taking care of me. I hope this stuff works for you too.


Just for kicks here are two of my cancer shirts I came up with. I hope you like them or anything else in my Amazon Merch Store.

That’s about it. Good luck and keep the fight going! Any questions? Feel free to put them in the comments below.

KarawaciMatt signing off SEE-YA!

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