Top 10 things you want to bring to Thailand as a Teacher or Digital Nomad Part 2

Top 10 things you want to bring to Thailand as a teacher Part 2

If you haven’t seen the first part of my post on steemit, how-dare-you? You can click on this link to read the first five things I suggested. Just to summarize what I suggested for you guys.

1) A good pair of underwear

and socks.


2) A good pair of shoes

3) A good quality backpack for your computer or general use in Thailand.

The one I showed in the previous blog wasn’t available on Amazon but if I needed to get one, this is the one I would choose. It has really good reviews.

4) Extra lady makeup stuff. A lot of the cosmetics here have whitener. It’s not like bronzing stuff that will eventually go away, it’s permanent.

Female stuff.

(I didn’t know what else to put here, get lost!)

5) A good package of razor blades. I love Gillette Fusion.

Now for part 2.

6) For the dudes, good quality pants:

Why just pants and not shirts? You can easily get shirts here, some really nice ones on the cheap be it t-shirts or dress shirts for work.

You can buy pants here and they will have western sizes if you are a few (dozen) extra pounds like me but the drawback is they are make for skinny Thai man legs. Even if I was back down to my high school weight of 200lbs, I would still find bad pants that will be to tight in the legs. I had to get some tailor made ones. It wasn’t that big of a deal though. Sorry, I can’t think of any recommendations from Amazon.

7) A western amount of things for pain relief and western size things of what you like:

Now regarding pain relief. The main thing you can find over the counter is Tylenol. Now if that works for you great. It doesn’t for me. Here are the typical sizes they are sold in. Sometimes, depending on what you need, they are sold by the pill.

The 10 pack                                                                                             The 4 pack

You can get them in the bottle too at Pharmacies, but you’re not going to get aspirins though. I had to bring some Alleve over on the plane for some pain relief before I realized I was diagnosed with cancer. Nobody bothered me about it so you will be fine if you bring it on a plane.

Also bring western size things that you like because the large here is a small in America. Are you a fan of Vick’s vapor rub?

This is a large over here.

While the AMERICAN SIZE is 3 X AS BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because….. ‘MERICA!

8) Charcoal pills

They do sell them over here. This is an 8 pack.

It can’t hurt to be prepared with a bottle. Why? You need this to handle food poisoning. It’s not about “IF” you get food poisoning, it’s about “WHEN.” You can get it from damn near anything too. Don’t worry though. Just play it smart. You can easily eat lots of awesome street food that is cooked on the spot. If something looks like it’s been sitting there for a while, don’t eat it. I wouldn’t bother with soups. I would use straws for drinks in any restaurant since, and I’m not joking here, some people wash dishes in the bathroom.

Even with all of the precautions you take, guess what? You’re probably still going to get it from touching a door handle, railing on stairs….. ANYTHING.

Welcome to Thailand! hahaha

9) Portable phone charger

Honestly, I never use these because I don’t organize my life on my phone, I don’t watch videos or play phone games, I do it on my computer. The comical thing here to say would be I am, “Old fashioned.” Personally I’ve never needed one but I do see the value in having a good quality phone charger, especially if you are flying from America. One of my longest flights over here was 18 hours. If there isn’t a place to plug your phone in on the plane, this is a life saver.

10) Books on tape from Audible

There were a series of books that I became a big fan of from an author named R. A. Salvatore. The character’s name is Drizzt Do’Urden. The simple explanation is his race of Elves is evil and he is good. I caught up on some of the books and WOW, R.A. Salvatore delivered in his books.
I read The Thousand Orcs.

The Lone Drow. (it had a hell of a bad ass ending by the way)

and I am finishing off this current Trilogy with The Two Swords.

If you want to start off a long time series of amazing books and writing with these characters, start with the prequel series Homeland. You won’t regret it!

I know everyone and their Uncle pimp out but if you haven’t given it a shot yet I hope you do.

Karawacimatt signing off SEE-YA!

  • I also got into the hunters blades trilogy in Thailand although that was a very long time ago. You know he released a sequel trilogy right? They are all named ‘king’ example the ‘pirate king’

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