affiliate disclosure

Hey guys. To make things as transparent as possible I have created this affiliate disclosure to give you information about the products I link to . In order to help you as much as possible with your goals I link to products and services that:

  • I use myself or have researched fully.
  • Are sometimes affiliate links (if you go on to buy the product or service that I link to I receive a commission).

When clicking on the links assume that they are affiliate links. Some examples of the affiliate links are the 15% discount that I give you on online TEFL course that I first took in 2013 and working for DaDa ABC (It doesn’t cost anything to get hired, the TEFL course on the other hand does cost some money). To continue the example, I have used these and feel great about recommending them in my website as I feel they give great value to you.

This is a for-profit blog and having affiliate links is a great way for me to make an passive online income recommending things like

  • The food and supplements I use for keeping good health and living a good quality of life having stage four prostate cancer. SPOILER ALERT: None of the stuff are magical potions to cure me of cancer. It’s about keeping my energy and overall health at optimal levels.
  • In case this cancer decides to rear its ugly head again, to prepare myself ahead of time so I don’t have to borrow money, I’m going to start an online business. I’m going to show you the course where I learned this, and even other things like the course where I learned how to make a blog like the one you are reading now.

I give you guys my word, everything I recommend will be

  1. Something I personally use
  2. Something I know FOR A FACT works
  3. Something I have researched and feel comfortable promoting

I don’t care what the payout is for the affiliate link. If the product sucks, I’m not going to promote it. Plain and simple.

My integrity is not for sale and my reputation is everything to me.

This is my promise to you.

Thanks and good luck with your endeavors with teaching, living a good life making money online or doing your best living a good quality of life living with and kicking cancer’s ass,

KarawaciMatt signing off See ya!