Virtual US Mailbox : A review of An easy way to get packages from the US

Getting a virtual US mailbox has been a great decision.

Sometimes I just have to buy stuff from the US because even though Thailand is a modern country, they just don’t have what I need over here. Mailing things over here can be a pain if the company doesn’t provide international shipping. I have to do other things like mail it to mom and dad and have them send it to me. They are happy to help but being 42 I feel silly asking them to do it.

Also, just like in many countries you do have to pay an import tax. Depending on the item it’s not that expensive. For example there is a nutrition powder called Chlorella that I buy that I will talk about in another post. I can buy it for $60 and it takes two weeks to get here. Thailand doesn’t seem to care about collecting taxes on anything with a value under $100.

There in lies the problem. What if you need something sent that is over $100. I speak from personal experience on that.

There is a particular supplement I ordered along with some vitamin pills a few months ago. If you’re wondering what it is, I wrote about it on this blog post.  It was over $100 so I had to pay an import tax on it.

No big deal right? WRONG.

They told me that I had to go to the main Post Office in Bangkok to pick it up. It was in the very north part of Bangkok and if I was lucky it would be a three hour round trip since I am on the SW side of Bangkok. Another problem was I was out of town for the past few weeks and I didn’t know when I was going to stay in town again anytime soon. I came home for the weekends, but guess what? The post office was closed on the weekends. Lucky for me I have a kind hearted girlfriend who had her bank motorcycle delivery driver pick it up for me, pay the tax, and I got it from her on one of our date nights.

I really had to get another alternative for mail to be sent from the US.

I didn’t want to worry about going to the North part of Bangkok to possibly pay an import tax for stuff coming in. That is to much of a pain in the neck. I gave site a try. They had a free 30 day trial for a virtual US mailbox with no commitment. It’s also a reoccurring payment of $7/month.

Remember when I said there were some stuff in the states that I can’t get here. I like my Haines under…. stuff and they don’t have them here in Thailand. Don’t tell MJ, it’ll make him sad.

When the delivery guy came to drop off my stuff, I did have to pay an import tax, it was about $20 and well worth the convenience of just getting it handed to me. I gave him the import tax and he gave me my stuff.

This company has GREAT RATES with Fed Ex. When I ordered those supplements again, even with the tax I paid, shipping it over with this virtual US mailbox was $20 cheaper.

Please give it a try. Free for the first 30 days and then your virtual US mailbox is $7/month after that. If you refer others to get $10 shipping credit. If you use it only one time you’re getting 20% off your first order, and if all you use it for is one delivery and it helped you a lot, that is all I care about. I just want to hook people up with something of good quality.

Do you have any complaints?

Sort of. I thought the membership I signed up for was for packages only. I had a credit card that I signed up for sent there and they sent it back. I was mad at them about it but overall it’s my dumb ass fault. Keep in mind what you sign up for.

The banner below for Amazon goes right to school supplies you might be able to use as a teacher in any country. Please remember to bookmark it because I am an affiliate and I’ll get a little something for every purchase you make.

Remember my promise to you, I’ll never recommend something 1) I don’t use or 2) I haven’t researched myself. Let me know what you think about it.

That’s it guys, I’m out of here. Let me know how you like the

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